Masonry Restoration and Renovation Sydney

Masonry Restoration and Renovation Sydney

Masonry Restoration and Renovation

Masonry Renovation

Masonry renovation services include all sorts of brick works, pointing, re-pointing or paint removals that will strengthen the structure of homes and commercial buildings and improve their general looks. Over time, many factors put pressure upon masonry, which will cause it to weaken and eventually crack. A cracked masonry will fail to function as the composite unit for which it was designed until the appropriate repairs have been made and the wall has been strengthen, regaining or even improving its integrity. Special attention should be paid when renovation where masonry is over-stressed and least restrained, such as windows or any other corners, as these would be the first places that might encounter problems due to additional factors that can cause structure failures. Depending on the project and the requirements of the project, new bricks could be used either handmade specifically for their purpose if possible, or new different ones that can then be stained to resemble the rest of the existing bricks if necessary.

Masonry Restorations

Masonry restorations services also involve all kind or brick work services that will help regain the natural glory of an old home or help making little alterations to a home that will accentuate or bring back elements of its initial look and beauty. When working in restoration of period and older buildings it is highly important to use materials that are compatible with the original structure or at least favouring it. This will require using selected reclaimed bricks where possible, or using similar bricks that can be treated to match the composition and look of the old ones. In doing so, will enable to keep aesthetic uniformity and structural integrity to the house or building under restoration.

Masonry Restoration and Renovation Services Sydney

Sydney Tuck Pointing & Repointing offer professional masonry restoration and renovation services Sydney Wide. We have highly skilled craftsmen that can cover all aspects of masonry and are experienced in all aspects of historic brickwork repair, masonry and conservation works. Our experts will use traditional techniques and materials to ensure the look of your house or building will be preserved while its structure and integrity will be strengthened. We will advice on the most suitable methods and approach required to bring your masonry to its initial look and glory or bring it to new heights, and will also give you constant feedback about the progress of the project.

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