Brickwork and Mortar Repairs Sydney

Brickwork and Mortar Repairs Sydney

Brickwork and Mortar Repairs

Brickwork Repairs

Brickwork repairs is an important service that not only make possible of keeping the aesthetically pleasing look of your house or building but it also protects it from inside leakage and other problems caused by brick deterioration. Over time, a variety of complex forces act upon the bricks of your house or building, causing them to deteriorate, weaken, and crumble prematurely. Some of those factors are represented by the exposure to the elements, which after a while will force them to crumble. Also frost over time can cause spalling or failure of the brick that can become detached and be the cause of damp ingress. Additionally, in places such as at window and door openings or at corners, because of the movement caused by variations in moisture content in the walls, or in the ground that supports them, chemical reactions or in general by temperature variations, will cause the bricks to crack exposing the building to further damages. It is important that the causes of the brick deterioration and failure are identified by specialists, which can then undertake the most appropriate intervention. Postponing or ignoring the sings of brick failure and repairing them will not only make your home look unattractive, but it will also allow water leak inside your house.

Mortar Repairs

Mortar repairs, involving pointing and re-pointing is needed when the existing mortar joints start to crumble and breakdown, which will lead to the apparition of holes in the brickwork. The mortar joints usually fail because of weak lime stone mortar or because they have been exposed to extreme temperatures or large temperature variations. To repair the mortar would usually involve clearing up the joints of any existing damaged mortar and then applying fresh mortar by injection or by trowel. The new applied mortar should have the same finish as the existing mortar joints. A neglected damaged mortar can lead to structural damage and cracking of the bricks, which in turn will lead to other more serious problems.

Brickwork and Mortar Repairs Services

Sydney Tuckpointing & Repointing offers professional and complete brickwork and mortar repairs services that will help keep or bring back your house or building to its original splendour. If the brickwork or mortar of your building shows signs of failure, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible, as otherwise it will lead to structural damage to your building over time. We can help repair any brickwork or mortar degradation helping your building looking great and able to fight against the elements. Our specialist can undertake repairs to even the most complex of arches, regardless of the type of brickwork or tiles. We can also use traditional techniques and materials to maintain the look and structure of your house or building.

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