Bricks Paint Removal Sydney

Bricks Paint Removal Sydney

Bricks Paint Removal

Paint Removal from Bricks

Paint removal is the process where unwanted paint is withdrawn from a brick wall of a house or building, mostly using specialist masonry chemicals followed by hydro cleansing. There are different ways to remove the paint though and they all depend on the requirements of the project and the conditions of the brick. Paint removal is one of the most affordable ways for a thorough clean of a house or building, either to clean it and restore it to its original look and glory or to prepare it for a new paint.

Paint Removal for Repainting

Painting a building can not only improve the look of it and add to its value but it can also protect it from the damaging effects that humidity or dust can have on the brick of your walls. Before starting the process of repainting a building though, it is absolutely required to remove the previous paint from the walls of the building. It is not recommended in any circumstances to apply a new coat of paint before removing the old one. If the old paint is not removed before repainting, the new paint coat will not have a good adherence and it will peeled off quickly, which will require a new painting.

Paint Removal from Bricks

In most cases, paint removal services are being used to restore a building to its original glory. Brick or stone that has been painted over can be cleaned off and be restored to their originally natural look. This process of removing the paint, will allow the bricks and stone to breathe better and also add value to your property. There are different ways to remove the paint from bricks. Either using a steam pressure washing system or using chemicals to strip off different layers of paint, followed by a thorough cleansing, or by applying paint strippers that gently dissolve the paint from the brickwork and then is rinsed off with warm water. Once the removal process is complete, whichever method is being applied, the bricks are left undamaged and able to display their natural colour and beauty.

Bricks Paint Removal Services

Sydney Tuck Pointing & Repointing offers a range of effective paint removal services Sydney Wide that will help you get your property back to its natural state. Our experts use their extended experience and knowledge to choose the most appropriate cleaning solution to suit the requirements of the project. They assess the areas to be stripped off paint, and then decide which method or specially formulated paint stripping chemicals to apply. We can also remove dirt and staining that has deposited on brickwork without damaging the brick itself, or pointing. Additionally, after concluding our brick paint removal services we will be able to examine the condition of your bricks and mortar and identify if there are any faults or potential issues that will need to be addressed.

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