Welcome To Sydney Tuckpointing & Rendering

Welcome To Sydney Tuckpointing & Rendering

Sydney Tuckpointing & Render

Sydney Tuckpointing & Repointing is a brick and tile services business that aims to help homes and buildings in Sydney regain, improve and keep their strength, integrity and aesthetically pleasing looks. We work closely with our customers to be able to offer the best solution for their problems that would also comply with their preferences and thus assure a complete customer satisfaction. This is what sets us apart and is also a great way of promoting our business – the quality of services and customer approach. Our business is fully insured and our team members are qualified to provide excellent services so there will be no risks taken when hiring us for any of your projects. Furthermore, we always adhere to the industry’s standards and include in our work the best innovations and practices existing.

Experienced Brick & Tile Specialists

Sydney Tuckpointing & Repointing has experienced specialists in the brick and tile work that can help you with any type of project, from small and simple up to large scale, increased level of difficulty projects. We use any experience gained from every project we concluded, in the benefit of any future projects, which keeps or even betters the quality of our services. Our team stays in contact with any innovations or new techniques developed in the industry, to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers and also keep the high standard of our work. The specialists in our team are not only fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in brickwork but are also friendly and pay close attention to customers’ wishes and constantly keep them informed about the progress and direction of the projects.

Sydney Tuckpointing & Repointing Services

Sydney Tuckpointing & Repointing offers a large scale of brickwork services that can cover any problems you might have with the bricks, strength and looks of the walls of your house, building or other structures.

The services we provide include:

- Tuck pointing and repointing - Masonry restorations and renovations - Brickwork and mortar repairs - Brick ties and brick stitching - Paint removal from bricks - Patch render - Brick staining - Brick patching - Brick cleaning

Our Services


Tuckpointing & Repointing

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Brickwork & Mortar Repair

We offers professional and complete brickwork and mortar repairs services that will help keep or bring back your house or building to its original splendour.

Masonry Restoration & Renovations

We have highly skilled craftsmen that can cover all aspects of masonry and are experienced in all aspects of historic brickwork repair, masonry and conservation works.

Brick Ties & Brick Stitching

Our experts use their extended experience and knowledge to choose the most appropriate cleaning solution to suit the requirements of the project.

Sandstone Imitations

Sandstone Imitations Sydney is one of the best ways to get the appearance and finish you want on the exterior of your home.

Acrylic & Cement Render

Acrylic & Cement Rendering Sydney is one of the best ways to give the exteriors of a structure, a new and appealing look.

Rockcote & Colour

To improve the exterior appearance of any structure, whether residential or commercial, you need a quality Rockcote contractor.

Texture Coating

Texture Coating Sydney is the technique used to apply a specialised coating to walls.

Blueboard & Foam Cladding

Structural beams and scaffolding are two major cost-drivers, especially in double storeys.

Swimming Pool Render

Every Sydney swimming pool rendering specialist on our team is well-trained and skilled in their trade.
Our services are safe and efficient and offer high quality for affordable prices. For more information about our brickwork services or FREE Quotes, you can contact us at 0420 433 323


I highly recommend Tuckpointingrendering to everyone who is considering for the re-pointing of their old house. Their work was thorough and neat and the price was very reasonable.


Thanks for your great workmanship, our house looks amazing. I will definitely recommend your tuckpointing services!


We’ve already referred your tuckpointing services to friends. The tradesmen were very prompt, friendly and courteous. The standard of workmanship was excellent.

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